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Aneta is singing Idalba´s aria from barocque opera
Ghirlanda di Fiori from Antonio Caldara 

Aneta and Josef Concerts Aneta Ručková Josef Kratochvíl

Josef is playing organ Toccata a moll op. 80  from Max Reger 


Aneta Ručková

„Aneta and Josef - young successful artist already known in Europe. They supported the organ with a beautiful concert. Thank you.“

             Dana Ehlová

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Aneta Ručková

      Roman Jochymczyk

„The beautiful voice of opera singer Aneta Ručková, masterful coloraturas in Alleluja from the cantata Exultate Jubilate by W. A. Mozart. Josef Kratochvíl is an excellent organist, perfectly accompanying the singer and making the most of the organ registers.“

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Aneta Ručková

Sebastian Matecki

​​„The youngest artist of our festival - organist and pianist Josef Kratochvíl played a beautiful solo organ concert. What a pleasure to hear his talent."

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  1. Aneta Ručková
  2. Aneta Ručková
  3. Aneta Ručková a Josef Kratochvíl
  4. Josef Kratochvíl
  5. Aneta Ručková and Josef Kratochvíl
  6. Aneta Ručková and Josef Kratochvíl
  7. Aneta Ručková a Josef Kratochvíl
  8. Aneta Ručková and Josef Kratochvíl

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Aneta Ručková a Josef Kratochvíl
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